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cat•a•lyst “An agent that provokes or speeds significant change or action.”

- Merriam-Webster  

Robbie Cordo acts as a catalyst, or “change-agent”, for small businesses and startups. He enables change and triggers action to increase the chances of success.

Investors and management must understand why their products and services are needed, and by which target markets. They need to clearly define their “Value Proposition” and ensure that potential clients need, and want, it.

Robbie helps achieve this clear vision by evaluating the market opportunity and the current position in the market. He guides clients to create strategies & tactics that realize their market & financial goals.

A structured process is required to properly assess a business. All assumptions must be challenged and data analyzed for overlooked insights. Robbie uses a proven process and assessment tool that he has refined over the past 20 years.

If you are:

  • an Investor;
  • a Business Owner;
  • an Executive;
  • an Entrepreneur;

and are concerned about your business... Call for a free consultation!

Robbie provides critical advisory services to management, business owners & outside investors of small businesses and startups.

Extensive experience in these roles enables him to assist each stakeholder. He is a practical executive who has positively impacted many businesses. He has excelled in leadership positions in marketing, sales, finance & technology.

Robbie has been successful as the Senior Marketing Director at Cray Research (a Fortune 500 company); the CEO of a technology startup he turned around; and an investment banker. He has an established network of angel investors and business professionals he can call on as needed.

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